The Box Set



  • 1 x BLACKY 3.0 unit
  • 1 x Shutter A: length 220 mm, ø 100 mm
  • 1 x Shutter B:  length 280 mm, ø 160 mm
  • 1 x Mounting rod  length 60 mm
  • 1 x Power supply 110-230 V
  • 1 x Tension belt



Securely packaged in a metal carrying case

Remote Control



The practical solution, always at hand, for DMX-independent applications.


Robust construction, with built-in LED status light and 3m cable


Shutterholder standard




Adequate for 95% of the applications.

It is part of the Box Set, as well as spare part available


Shutter A



L: 220 mm / Ø 100 mm


Part of the Standard Set; also available as a spare part or for devices with a fixed mount



Shutter C



L:  175 mm / Ø 100 mm


Smallest shutter in the family, for tight places


NEW!!! - Shutter E



L:  420 mm / Ø 200 mm

incl. Counterweight E


To cover long distances to the projector, for example, projectors encased in sound-proof boxes





Everything a shutter doctor needs.

Servos, fuses, spare power cable, safety clutch, spare screws, tools, etc.




  • 5X Servo
  • 10X knurled head screw
  • 10X Spare Fuse 1A
  • 10x Servo - Safety Clutch
  • 2X Power Supply BLACKY 5V 1000 mA
  • 1X µ-Controller
  • 1x spare screws
  • 1X Tension Belt
  • 1x Tools



Single Spare parts



Nearly every component of BLACKY is available as a spare part. If there is something you don’t find at the web site, please contact us directly




  • 1 x BLACKY 3.0 unit
  • 1 x Power supply  110-230 V
  • 1 x EU - Adapter
  • 1 x ICE320 - Adapter

Aluminiumclamp for permanent installation



Available in two variations:


  1. V4 for BLACKY with handhold
  2.  V5 for BLACKY without handhold

Shutterholder extra long




For large lenses, and to cover long distances towards the projection surface


Shutter B



L:  280 mm / Ø 160 mm


Part of the Standard Set; also available as a spare part or for devices with a fixed mount



Shutter D



L:  300 mm / Ø 200 mm


For large lenses, for example wide-angle projectors


NEW!!! - Counterweights


  • Shutter A: 19.00€
  • Shutter B: 29.00€
  • Shutter D: 31.00€


To extend the life of the servo, we have developed counterweights for Shutters A, B, and D. These bring the the servo axis into equilibrium. Thus, the servo is loaded only when actually moving the shutter.


Instructions for mounting the counterweight and replacing the shutter are available at the operating manuals page of this web site


Repair service

39.00€ plus Spare Parts


We offer a repair service. Repairing is more economical than throwing away, and also more ecologically sound. Repaired BLACKY devices function just as well, as reliably, and as long, as new ones






A moving part which wears out eventually. Spares are available